The Most Delicious Foods in Iran

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The Most Delicious Foods in Iran

Iran, the vast land of mountains and seas, plains and forests, ancient cities and myths, along with the various ethnic groups and religions that it has in its heart, treats its gusts with a variety of delicious local dishes that will make a memorable taste for them. It doesn’t if you are a food lover or not, the magical taste of Persian food would enchant you in any case.

The geography of Iran plays an essential role in the cooking style and taste of foo din different cities; in a way that you may eat only one food with different flavors in different parts of the country. Sometimes the difference in taste ends only in the amount of spices, sometimes it interferes with the raw materials and in some cases the style of cooking is the main difference. The interesting thing about these differences is that each food in exactly have changed as the culture and customs of the people and the climate of the region.

Although each of the cities and regions has their own local food, in this article we will discuss the most famous foods that are served throughout Iran.

Khoresht-e Ghormeh sabzi

Ghormeh sabzi is one of beloved foods through all over Iran. The main ingredients of it are fresh shopped herbs, meat, kidney bean and dried lemon. It taste a little sour and the texture is soft and dilute. It usually served with rice and you can find it in almost all traditional restaurants in Iran.

Kebab koobideh

Although different types of kebabs are served as a delicious food in most countries of the Middle East, but koobideh kebabs is one of the most popular types in Iran. Koobideh also usually served in most Iranian restaurants at different prices but we suggest you order kebab in safe and famous restaurants, because the taste of it is directly related to the quality of the meat used.

Khoresht-e Fesenjan

We promise you have never taste something like that and will remember it entire your life. This traditional stew has a special place among Iranians and is served at lavish parties to honor guests. It is made of chicken or duck in combination with a large volume of ground walnuts. Pomegranate pate is the main condiment of this food, which is eaten sweet in some areas and sour-sweet in others. Like every other Persian stew, in has a watery texture and served with rice.


Dizi or Abgousht is one of the most traditional foods in Iran and we suggest you to absolutely try it. This food is still traditionally cooked and served in earthenware. The main ingredients are onion, lamb, chickpeas and potato. In the first look you come across a soup with large ingredients floating on it, but you should know there is a different way to eat it. You have to first pour the soup water from the main container into another container. Then soak the bread in soup water and eat. In the next step, you have to beat the ingredients well with the meat beater that they bring for you, so that it looks like mashed potato. Now you can eat the mixed food with bread. As you can see, eating has its own tradition and method, but we promise you that it is worth it.


Since rice is one of the main Iranian dishes, it is cooked in different ways and in many flavors. Tahchin is one of the most popular and famous of these dishes. It is made of many layers of rice in mixed with saffron, yogurt and egg, with chicken or meat. The bottom of Tahchin is cooked in such a way that the top layer of rice is crispy and toasted.

Khoresht-e Gheimeh

Gheimeh is another beloved Persian stew. It is made of split peas, small cuts of meat, spices and French fries. Just like other stews, Gheimeh is eaten with rice. It is really popular all over Iran and the combination of meat and pulses, provides a nutritious meal.

Morasa Polo

This is a dish of rice mixed with dried nuts and fruit. The taste is a little sweet and pistachio, almonds, candied orange peel and saffron are the main flavor. Morasa Polo usually served for special occasions, particularly weddings, because the sweet elements symbolize a sweet life.

Kshk-e Bademjan

Kashk_e Bademjan is one of the few popular but plant-based Iranian dishes. It is made of eggplant, onion and kashk (something like yogurt). Although the food is extremely tasty, its high fat content may not be pleasant for some tastes. It is served as an appetizer in most restaurants, but because of its taste and nutritional value, it is served as a main dish in Iranian homes.


Kotlet have a more modern taste and appearance than traditional Iranian foods. Potato, minced meat, carrot and flour are the ingredients of this food. It can be eaten as a sandwich with French fries or a little more traditional with vegetables and pickles.

Ash Reshte

There are different types of Ash and soups in Iran and Ash Reshte is one of the most popular ones. Generally speaking, ash is a type of soup with more ingredients. It is also heavier than soup and can be considered as a lunch or dinner by itself. Ash Reshte is made of Reshte (nodels), brown lentils, chickpeas, pinto beans and whey.





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