Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran 800 599 sepehr

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Iran

Searching about an unknown country before planning your travel is a Must and helps you to have a landscape about the things you may or would experience. Traveling to Iran for the first time, especially for Non-Asian people could be complicated and unfamiliar, although it can be exciting at the same time. Along with the beautiful nature, traditions and spectacular history of this country, getting acquainted with some tips will help you have a more comfortable trip. Here are some things to consider before packing your bags.

Best Time to Travel to Iran

Iran is a large country with a very different climate in different regions. Sometimes, when it snows in the north of the country, the south is shaken by the heat. So always determine which cities you will visit this season before you travel.

It Could be an Ideal Place for Backpacking

Whether you are looking for a historical exploratory trip or a pro-sightseeing tour of pristine nature, Iran will be a good option for backpacking. Everything in Iran is so cheap that you can even have a luxury backpacking trip. Approximately $20-40 for per day would be enough to enjoy your trip without restricting yourself. But remember, credit cards have no value in this country and you should have cash money.


Although we said that it is a good country for cheap travel, but hitchhiking would be dangerous. Hitchhiking is not common in Iran and people are usually suspicious of men standing on the side of the road to hitchhike. So if someone accepts to rides you, it may seem suspicious to. However, there are always exceptions and younger people may understand what you mean, but in general, traveling by public transport is a sure option.

Currency can confuse you

This is a common issue for tourist to understand Iran currency. The official currency is Rial, while the local people count everything in Toman. You need to know 1 Toman = 10 Rials

Dress code

Iran is an Islamic Republic country and its dress code, follows its religious mindset. Though the rules are more lenient foe tourist, you should still obey them. A long skirt or pants, a long sleeve shirt or tunic alongside a headscarf would be proper for women. Men also aren’t allowed to wear shorts in public places.

You Need Different Skills for Toilet

However, there are western toilets in hotels and places that are usually visited by tourists, but you will definitely come across very different toilets in many cases. People in Iran use water to wash themselves and you may often run out of paper towels. So always carry a paper towel with you.

It Will be a non-Alcoholic trip

As we mentioned above, Iran is an Islamic Republic and using alcohol is forbidden. You can’t find any alcoholic drinks in hotels or markets. If you came across beer on the menu of restaurants, be sure it’s mean non-alcoholic beer.

A Month of Mourning

In Iran, one month of the year is mourning everywhere. They call this month Ashura. Although the official Iranian calendar is a solar date, it is determined by the Arab lunar calendar. That is why its date is different every year in the Iranian calendar. Before traveling to Iran, check that it is not the month of Ashura in Iran, because in this month some places are closed, people wear black and you would watch mourning everywhere.

People Welcome you Warmly

If you are standing in the street waiting for a taxi or enjoying a historic view and someone approaches you to talk to you, do not worry. They do not intend to harass or deceive you, they just want to get to know you and welcome you. They may even invite you to buy food or invite you to a party. This is not also a cause for concern. They just want to be friends with you< but be careful in all cases.

Persian language and learning words

You could find people that speak English with you almost everywhere in main cities, or maybe a tour leader would accompany you all over the travel, but knowing few worlds in Persian language (Farsi) makes communication easier for you build friendly relations. Talking to a tourist who tries to speak your language feels sweet to all the people of the world.


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