The  Most Wild and Wonder natures in Iran

The  Most Wild and Wonder natures in Iran 975 650 sanam

Meet the wild wonders in the heart of Middle East

Although Iran’s wonders are endless, visiting all these sights on a short trip seems impossible.  As a   land that has embraced the life of many ancient civilizations, Iran has hidden innumerable secrets in the heart of its mountains and plains. So if you’re done with the all historical places, old mosques and looking for breathtaking landscapes stay with us to review the wildest wonders of Iran.

Badab-e Surt

Less than 4 hours from Tehran the capital of Iran, a magnificent mountain that displays the healing springs of life at its height boasts. The stepped, limestone formations were created over thousands of years by the flowing and cooling of water from two mineral springs. According to locals, these springs have healing properties. They say high salt levels and minerals in the spring water cures many diseases.

This wonderful natural work is Iran’s second nationalized work and after turkey’s Pamu Cala springs, is the second largest saltwater in the word.

The best time to visit this spring is may, when in addition to enjoying this magnificent phenomenon you can also watch the beauty of the pure nature of northern Iran from the top of the summit.

Khalkhal and Asalem Road

Not too far from the badab- e surt(on Iran scale), there is a road connection between Kalkhal and Asalem two areas of Iran. Its dreamy nature reminds you pictures and stories about heaven. The whole road is covered with green trees and fog. It is if the earth and the sky are joined together.

The road is 70 kilometers long, and the area is usually cold throughout the year. The amazing thing is that it’s only an hour’s drive but you can see many different faces and many colors of nature in a road.


Mount Damavand

If you’re a fan of hiking, you should meet the highest peak in the Middle East.  This mountain stands in the north of Tehran, the capital of Iran. The 18,605 feet mountain is located in the Alborz mountain range. You should also know that the mountain is an 1.8 million-year old volcano and has a mythological role in Persian and is recognized as a symbol of endurance. In scriptures like the Avesta and Bible and many other historical books this mountain is named. Conquest of this peak takes between 2 and 5 days. Climbers can take one of 16 major routes up Damavand, navigating its rocky terrain, mineral hot springs, and rich flora and fauna.


Dasht-e Lut Desert

After walking over the clouds, it is time to touch the soil. Mirror of Mars on Earth and a pristine land to watch the end of sun. A land full of silence and wonder. walking on the earth that gives you the warmth of its existence, this is one of hottest places on the planet. In 2016, Dasht e Lut was inscribes as Iran’s first and only UNESCO World Heritage site for being an exceptional example of ongoing geological processes.

The region also has a significant history. Archaeologists have found the remain of civilization for more than 6,000 years.

Turkmen Sahra

From hot desert to the green plains, Iran is the land of amazing landscapes. An endless tableau of rolling green hills in the bordering of Turkmenistan and the Caspian sea and is called Mahour Hezar Darre. There are more than 17 green peaks in the area, over 3600 meters high. The rest of the peaks are less elevated and together they create an wonderful complex. Over the top of Goug je Dagh mountain, there is the cemetery of Khalid Nabi, known for hundreds of mysterious genitalia-shaped tombstones. This area is where Iranian Turkmen lives and it is a land of moderation for Iranian and Turkmen culture.

The best time to travel Turkmen Sahra is in May and it would definitely be said you enter a piece of paradise at this time.


The largest island of iran in the heart of Persian Gulf. Beacous of amazing seasights, It is also famous as Persian Gulf Bride. The history of island goes back to pre-Islamic era. It was a strategic trade and navigation center, and consequently a frequent target for invaders. The island has been a portuguese colony for years and their culture has had a profound effect on the natives of the region. Despite all the changes that have changed Iran over the years, Qeshm maintained its native structure and pristine areas. Colorful soil of this area, red hills and silver beach is literally unique and makes you magical.

Katalekhor Cave

Its time to go to the heart of the Earth. A historical cave dates back to the Jurassic period. The cave is made of the Lime. It is full of aide tunnels, long columns and hanging conical candlesticks. The cave is thought  to have 7 floors, but three floors have been discovered so far. The first 100 meters of the cave have been where the early humans lived and the skeleton of 80 humans was discovered there. Katalekhor is located in outside of Zanjan city, northwest of Iran.


Lake Urmia

A salty lake with sweet landscape, Lake Urmia is an endorheeic salt lake located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan in Iran. At its greatest extend, it was the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on the Earth. Urmia, along with its approximately 102 islands, is protected as a national park by the Iranian Department of Enviroment. Sadly, over the past 45 years the lake has shrunk at an alarming speed due to decreased rainfall, agriculture, and irresponsible environmental practices- it now holds less than 10 percent of its original volume.


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